Special Rolls

007 – crab, avocado topped with cooked shrimp.   $11

49er  – crab, avocado topped with salmon and thin slice lemon.  $12.5

Bay Scallop – crab, avocado topped with Hokkaido scallop baked, tobiko and green onion.  $14    

Berkeley – salmon, tuna yellowtail in soy bean paper.  $11.5

Betty Boop – ebi, avocado and cream cheese baked with salmon on top, tobiko and green onion. $13

Caterpillar – unagi, cucumber topped with avocado and sesame.  $12  

Cherry Blossom – salmon, avocado wrapped with tuna outside and tobiko.  $15   

Crispy – salmon, tuna, yellowtail avocado and cream cheese deep fried whole roll.  $11

Crunchy – spicy tuna, avocado with tempura crunch wrapped in soy bean paper.  $11

Delicious – soft shell crab, avocado topped with tuna, tobiko and green onion.  $14

Double Albacore – white tuna, avocado topped with white tuna, spicy garlic mayo, tobiko and green onion   $14

Double Hamachi – yellowtail, green onion topped with yellowtail, tobiko and green onion.  $15

Dragon – shrimp tempura, cucumber topped with unagi and avocado, tobiko and green onion.  $14

Dynamite – spicy tuna, avocado deep fried whole roll.  $10.5

Family Affair – tuna, avocado topped with white tuna yellow onion and spicy garlic mayo, tobiko and green onion.  $14

Golden Gate – unagi, mango topped with salmon and tobibo.  $14

House – crab and avocado topped with unagi and avocado. $12.5

King Kong – spicy hamachi, cucumber topped with avocado, crab meat and tobiko. $13.5

Lion King – crab meat, avocado topped with salmon baked, tobiko and green onion.  $13

Orange Blossom – salmon, avocado wrapped with salmon outside and tobiko.  $14.5

Oyishi – spicy tuna, avocado topped with salmon, avocado and tobiko.  $12.5

Party Roll – shrimp tempura, crab meat, cream cheese topped with assorted fish, avocado, tobiko and green onion. $15  

Potato Bug – unagi, cucumber covered with lots of unagi on top.  $16


Rainbow – shrimp tempura, cucumber topped with assorted fish and avocado.  $14

Raider – shrimp tempura, spicy tuna topped with tuna.  $14

Rico- shrimp tempura, cucumber topped with avocado.   $12

Romeo and Juliet – salmon, avocado topped with Hokkaido scallop, mayo and tobiko.  $14.5

Salmon Lover – deep fried salmon, avocado and cream cheese topped with salmon and tobiko.   $14

San Francisco – shrimp tempura, cucumber topped with crab meat and tuna  $14

Shattuck – shrimp tempura, cucumber topped with hamachi seared with spicy mayo, tobiko and green onion.  $14

Sex and City – spicy tuna, asparagus topped with fried tilapia with house spicy mayo.  $13

Spider – soft shell crab with vegetables.  $11

Swamp – spicy tuna, cucumber topped with seaweed salad.  $11

Tenkazu – crab, avocado topped with spicy tuna and tempura crunch. $10.5

Three Amigo – spicy tuna, crab meat topped with salmon and avocado. $13

Titanic – shrimp tempura, cucumber topped with salmon, tuna, spicy crab meat and tobiko.  $14

Tootsie – fried salmon, green onion, tobiko wrapped in soybean paper.  $10.5

Volcano – spicy tuna, avocado topped with tobiko and spicy mayo.  $10.5